Eating Disorder Dietitian:
Supervision and Nutrition Counselling for People Seeking body liberation.

Dietitian and Supervisor Louise Grech standing in front of a hedge and wearing a pink jumper that says "Hey Hello"

Confused and frustrated that you have so much knowledge yet feel stuck taking the next step?

Friend, intellectual knowledge is but one piece of this ‘puzzle’.

The modern world, capitalism, and hustle culture remove us so far from our wisdom, nature, and community.

That we lose trust in ourselves and our needs.

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I am committed to cultivating a compassionate and brave space for people of all cultures, body types, genders, sexualities, disabilities and neurotypes to unpack their food and body history and explore building a life that feels authentically them.

At Compassionately Nourished, you have permission to:


Hello, I’m Louise Grech

I’m a fat-positive, trauma-informed, size-inclusive dietitian and supervisor offering in-person sessions in Essendon, Melbourne and Telehealth appointments wherever you are around Australia.

I take a justice-oriented view on ‘eating disorders and believe that a size-inclusive community fosters healing and connection.

I dream of a weight-neutral healthcare system, where there is no drive to eradicate a person’s existence or deny their human rights if they have a bigger body.

I acknowledge my many privileges and that your experience is not my experience, but what’s happened to you and how it has shaped your food and sense of self matters.

Eating Disorder Dietitian Louise Grech sitting in a grey armchair and wearing a patterned dress. She has her head tilted to the side and is smiling at the camera.

What Do You Need Today?

Whether you’re a human with an ‘eating disorder’ or a dietitian wanting to make a difference, there’s a place for you here.

I can help with…

Supervision for Dietitians

In-person or online, individual or group, professional supervision provides a dedicated space for you to reflect and explore your practice.

Embodied Nutrition Counselling

Feel seen, heard and understood. I offer affirming care that meets you where you are and considers all the parts that make you, you.

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