Consultation and Supervision for Brave & Courageous Dietitians

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You hold space for your clients.

But do you have someone holding space for you?

If you are a dietitian interested in ‘eating disorders’, somatics, neurodivergent affirming care, disability and social justice, you’ll know that sessions with your clients can feel like a lot.

Because while Uni may have taught us to be expert educators, most of us graduated feeling under-equipped to work with the human at the end of that dietetics referral.

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Dietitian Supervision - a space for getting a little uncomfortable so you can flourish

The incredible Tara McGregor has been driving supervision for dietitians in Australia, and at its core, it provides a structured and compassionate space.

For you.

To work through your frustrations, challenges and fears.

And to celebrate the incredible work you are doing with your clients.

Regular supervision can help you:

Welcome, I’m Louise

Your non-judgemental guide, cheerleader and validator.

Undertaking my own supervision over the past 10 years is what has sustained my work as a dietitian during a time when I was feeling lost in the profession.

It has supported my growth, confidence and competence working in a size-inclusive, trauma-informed way and I am grateful for the external guidance I have received from my supervisors that has kept both myself and my clients safe.

I’m honoured that as a supervisor, I can now offer that same reflective space to you so that you can grow and care for yourself.

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Supervision for Dietitians

Choose the level of support that feels good for you.

Individual Supervision

A dedicated space for you to reflect and explore your practice. In person or online.

50-minute sessions

Virtual Group Supervision

We meet online as a small group of 4 over six months to provide collegial support and strengthen our practice.

50-minute sessions

How We’ll Work Together

First Steps

Book a 15-minute Exploration Chat.

Our quick chat online will check whether our values are in alignment and if my energy and style of communication are your vibe.

From there, we can discuss whether individual or group supervision will fit your needs best.

If you decide to work together, I’ll get you booked in!

Meeting for Supervision

Fortnightly or monthly.

You will be in charge of setting our agenda and I will help us move through it.

Our sessions will contain space for reflection, case consultation, opportunities for skills modelling, exploration of learning opportunities and a sense of community and connection.

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Dietitian and Supervisor Louise Grech sitting in a grey armchair and wearing a pink jumper that says "Hey Hello". Behind her is a bookshelf and mood board.

A Bit About Me, My Work & Supervision Style

So you can gut-check if we’ll be a good fit (trust it!)

I aim for my work to be trauma-informed, client-centred and size-inclusive.

I don’t use the phrases non-compliant, ambivalent, or treatment-resistant.

I believe recommending weight ‘management’ at any phase of recovery is harmful and unethical.

I believe using the word ‘recovering’ or ‘recovered’ is not for me to decide, but up to my clients.

My work is complemented and informed by:

I also draw on skills developed through studying a Graduate Diploma in Psychology to support your mental health as a clinician.

Enquiry and curiosity form the foundations of my supervision style and process. I take a strengths-based approach and will centre you, your knowledge and skills.

Think I’m your person?

Got Questions About Supervision?

You have a curious mind! Here are the answers to some of the ones I’m often asked.

Supervision can look different for people throughout their careers. It may serve as a learning opportunity, a place for support, or some containment and accountability.

The aim is to develop a collaborative relationship that can assist with your growth, help you feel confident and grounded in the work you do, and reduce the risk of burnout.

Our sessions will contain space for reflection, case consultation, opportunities for skills modelling, exploration of learning opportunities and a sense of community and connection.

Supervision is very different to the mentor program established by Dietitians Australia, and any guidance you may receive in the workplace. It is not assessment-based like what you may have experienced at Uni and is more structured and reflective compared to mentoring.

If you work as an employee, external supervision allows you to be vulnerable in your reflections without fear of judgement and gives you the space to reflect on workplace dynamics and their impact.

If you are working with people, supervision is definitely for you!

It doesn’t matter what client groups you see, it’s about working through the challenges that you may face, including imposter syndrome, feeling like you don’t know enough or do enough, improving confidence with interactions and building relationships, and support for expanding and growing as a dietitian (something we do at all stages of our work!).

If you want to grow your work in the ‘eating disorder’ space, supervision can help with the transition and address any concerns or thoughts that pop up.

Dietetic Supervision is an emerging space, based on the evidence around professional supervision in other allied health fields that has been on offer for many years.

I receive my own supervision of supervision to ensure the services I provide are ethical and aligned with best practices, and I maintain my APD status.

For individual supervision, I recommend 10-12 sessions per year to develop your skills as a clinician and sustain your practice.

Group supervision is typically structured with monthly meetings in blocks of either 6 or 12 months. Most people find it helpful to also have some individual supervision sessions to allow for a deeper exploration of issues that may not get covered in a group setting.

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Ready to Sustain and Expand Your Practice with Supervision?

Get in touch to book your complimentary 15-Minute Exploration Chat.