Explore and Rebuild Your Connection and Beliefs Around Eating and Your Body.

Embodied Nutrition Counselling for Eating Disorders and Body Liberation.

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Tried This Thing They Call ‘Recovery’ and Still Finding Life Tough?

If your past experiences have involved weight stigma, left you feeling misunderstood, let down or pushed into places with your recovery that were too scary.

Please know that it’s not you.

Traditional approaches to ‘eating disorder’ recovery often forget there’s a complex and wonderful human at the core, trying their hardest to exist in a world that can feel too big and too much.

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Recovery Support That Meets You Right Where You Are.

I offer size-inclusive, trauma-informed nutrition counselling, in person in Essendon, Melbourne or via Telehealth Australia-wide.

Going beyond meal plans and food monitoring, our work together can include:


Hi, I’m Louise.

Your Humble and Human Nutrition Guide.

I’ve been providing care as an ‘eating disorder’ dietitian for over 17 years now and understand that recovery is rarely a neat and linear process.

What I’ve witnessed to be more supportive of healing is a gentle curious space, free from judgement and pressure to ‘progress’ on an arbitrary timeline.

My work is complemented and informed by:

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How Nutrition Counselling at Compassionately Nourished Works

Our relationship is the foundation of our work together, so our first few sessions will be an opportunity to get to know one another and ensure the fit feels ‘right’ and aligned.

I won’t tell you what to do, but instead offer guidance as you explore what you want to work on or experiment with.

Expect that things may feel easy one session and challenging the next – this process is often messy and that is OK.

If you’ve got a wider support crew, I’ll work closely alongside them, while always holding you at the centre.

Session Length:
1-hour initial session
50-minute review sessions

Fortnightly – monthly depending on the level of support that you need

How to Know We’ll Make a Great Team.

I’m the first to admit I’m not everyone’s cup of tea (coffee, chai, soup…)

But if you are:

I would love to walk beside you as you bravely give recovery another go.

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Body Liberation Starts Whenever You Are Ready

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